Religious Education


Mission Statement
"Train children in the way they should go; even when old, they will not swerve from it." (Provers 22:6) 

The Religious Education of each parish is delegated by the Bishop to provide leadership in the catechetical mission of the Diocese of Honolulu.

The Hamakua Catholic Community Religious Education promotes excellence in the life long process of Christian formation of the total person in heart, mind and will. Our Religious Education teachers fosters a deep and systematic knowledge of the person and message of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church, so that the faith of the believer, as he or she grows older, becomes ever more living, explicit, fruitful, conscious and active.

The goals Religious Education teachers of our community strive for are:

  1. Promoting knowledge of the faith
  2. Liturgical education
  3. Moral formation
  4. Teaching children to pray and develop a life that will include daily prayer

Contact Person: Deacon LeRoy Andrews

Downloadable Registration Form: Religious Education Form